Super Stacker 5

Super Stacker 5 (or Perfect Balance 3) is the perfect game for all Demolition City lovers. Super Stacker 5 is the perfect follow up to its predecessors as it improves on all of the things that they did so well. Super Stacker 5 is a challenging puzzle game that is perfect for all ages, both parents and children will find enjoyment in it.



Super Stacker 5’s gameplay is simple one you get the hang of it, but that is not to say that the game is easy. On the contrary, the puzzles of Super Stacker 5  can actually become quite challenging. The game board is set up with various types of blocks on the top half of the screen (such as circles, squares or rectangles) and stationary blocks on the bottom of varying sizes depending on the level. The goal of the game is simple, find a way to transfer and balance the blocks from the top to the bottom. The game becomes much more fun as new types of blocks are added! You will be able to use specially moving or heavy blocks as levels progress.

Editor Mode:

Once you have had some fun with the standard game mode, we recommend that you try out the editor mode. In this mode, you have the opportunity to create your own puzzles for friends or family members to solve. You can use all of your favorite blocks from the story puzzles. What blocks will you use? Will your loved ones be able to solve what you create?

Super Stacker 5


The game gives you the convenience of changing the visual graphic quality, mute the volume or return to the main menu. In addition, on the main screen, you have the convenience of being able to access the instructions from the main menu.

Tips and Tricks:

While playing Super Stacker 5, I found a number of strategies to help me conquer the challenge. While the game can be daunting, I think that adhering to my strategies – at least somewhat – could be very beneficial. There are levels where you may have to stack the blocks in innovative ways. This is especially so on the later levels when heavy, floating, or rotating blocks come into play. So, my primary tip is to keep trying! Try to place the blocks in locations you may not think of right off the bat and continue to rotate and think about the possible solution. Also, be patient! Every solution has a solution, and on some of the more difficult ones, it may take some thinking.

Age Appropriate:

Like all the other  Super Stacker games, this is a game that includes no violence, language or any other content that would be a cause for concern for parents. However, since the game can be rather complex and difficult, we recommend that parents play the game first. Then, parents can help their child learn how to play the game as well as spend quality time playing it with them.

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