Demolition City Walkthrough

Simply put Demolition City is all about tall buildings and how to blast them. In each level you are given a building made of light and dark pipes. You have to blast them using a certain amount of dynamite which the game gives you. This amount varies and that is where the challenge lies.

Demolition City Walkthrough all levels:

It’s a simple and fun game. Blasting buildings becomes very appealing very quickly. You will test your brain to see how to demolish these buildings and sometimes, avoid bumping into neighboring buildings.

The elements of the Game

Rules of the game:

You are given a structure made up of light and dark pipes. You are also given various amounts of dynamite to blow it up. You can place the dynamite on the light pipes but not on the dark pipes. You are also given a borderline to blow it up. Once it is blown up, the debris must not go above the borderline. If it goes above the borderline, you have failed the level and you must repeat the process until the debris is below the borderline. In some instances, even barely going above the borderline will mean failure of the level. This can be a bit frustrating but keep going. With the right positioning and trial and error you’ll get it.

Demolition City 2 Walkthrough all levels:

Also in some levels there are buildings beside your condemned building. You cannot hit the neighboring building with debris when you blow up the condemned building. That will also mean failure of the level. Just like the borderline, just touching the opposite building slightly with debris will mean failure. It can get frustrating but if you keep at it, you’ ll eventually prevail.

Getting ahead of the game:

As in any of physics and puzzle game it’s all about figuring out how the elements stack up to solve the puzzled. The placement of the dynamite sticks here is very key. You have to place them at just the right spot to knock the buildings down.

At first the game will be very generous with giving you sticks of dynamite. The game can go as high as 8 sticks. Even though you can blow up a building with less than 8 sticks it’s advisable to not save up on the dynamite and use them all. It’s best to make hay while the sun shines here as there’s really no reward for finishing off a building with less sticks so why conserve the dynamite? Use them all to your advantage as later on, the game will give you only 2 sticks to take down buildings.

In some levels the game will give you very little dynamite sticks. In the levels before the game ends you will actually be given only 2 sticks of dynamite. It will seem impossible to bring the building down but it can be done. It’s all about the positioning.

Demolition city 3

Also take note that the black pipes are invincible to the dynamite. You can’t place the dynamite on them and they don’t split apart when the dynamite explodes like the light colored pipes. This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to bring down the buildings however. In spite of the strength of the black pipes, the light colored pipes are easily destroyed with the pipes and that’s the key to taking the building down.

If you are truly stumped at any level the game has links to video walkthroughs which you can just click to get the solution to any level you’re having difficulty with.

Blasting buildings will give you money which you can earn. As you beat levels you unlock the next level in the game. The game has 20 levels of different buildings to blast.

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