Demolition City 4

Demolition City 4 is the newest in the Demolition City series. With all the new gameplay elements added and improvements the core gameplay remains intact; demolishing buildings in the most efficient way .This is the core gameplay to this physics puzzle game.

Click to play Demolition City 4

click to play demolition city 4

Gameplay objectives:

The game gives you 7 levels with various structures that need to be demolished. The structures are easy to demolish at first. As you progress through the levels, the structures get taller, more complex and sturdier. The initial structures are easy and straightforward to destroy. But the later buildings aren’t so easily torn down. Here are the materials you’ll be facing and needing to destroy in the game.

Wooden planks:

These are the basic building materials in the game. Structures made of wood are usually easy to demolish. A few sticks of dynamite are usually all it takes to tear the structure down.

Basic metal pipes:

These pipes are usually colored gray. Stronger than the wooden planks but also easily destroyed with a few sticks of dynamite.

Marble: the materials in the Roman themed levels, it is not as weak as wood but weaker than basic metal. Dynamite will also easily smash marble.

Steel pipes/girders:

Beams made of steel will simply not fall with the dynamite. You will need at least the RDX steel cutting explosive to take this down. They can also be destroyed with the PCD-200 and RMF-1000. Basically steel can only be demolished by the more advanced explosives.

The explosives

Here are the explosives that the game gives you to achieve your task of blowing up buildings.

Sticks of dynamite: The game starts off by giving you 5 sticks of dynamite. This is a lot more than the 1 stick the old games gave you at the start of the game. This is because the buildings in this game are a lot stronger.

RDX steel cutter: The game gives you the option to upgrade the dynamite to the RDX steel cutter. This is used to blow up the steel beams in the buildings. It is also useful for just about any structure’s material. It is however ineffective against the ice in the ice level.

PCD-200: This explosive turns materials inward when it explodes. It’s very useful to minimize collateral damage.

RMF-1000: Still the most powerful explosive in the game as it literally disintegrates materials. Even better at minimizing collateral damage than the PCD-200 as there’s no shrapnel left because it disintegrates materials.

Gasoline barrel: This new explosive actually burns for a moment then explodes. It’s only useful in the ice levels.

demolition city 4

New Feature:

There is a new element in this game which is the level editor. When you get tired of blowing things up, it’s a refreshing change of pace. Why not create things instead? In the level editor you can mix and match materials to create your own structures. You can choose how weak or how strong to make them. Once that is done, you can choose how much explosives to allocate to destroy the structures you have created. It’s a very fun and addicting process that is different in the game.

Graphics and Presentation:

Graphically this game really looks to be the best in the series. The buildings have never looked better. They really look like 3d structures. The explosive animations and physics are also well thought out. There is also no graphic depiction of violence in the game so it’s safe to be played by kids. It’s just stuff being blown up but there’s no one in the buildings. Anyone of any age can pick this game up play it, and enjoy it.

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