Demolition City 2

just like the first game Demolition City 2 is all about buildings and blasting but with a lot more improvements thrown in. A lot of improvements have been thrown into this game graphically and gameplay wise that you might not recognize it as the old Demolition City.

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There are now 5 cities in the game and in each city the buildings are pretty much more difficult to demolish than in the old game. But to balance this out you are given a toolbox where you can use various new upgrades and tools to your old dynamite sticks that will help you tear those buildings down.

New Levels

It seems the makers of this game went all out creativity wise to change the look and feel of this game. The 5 cities are very diverse and are nowhere near the old plain looking backgrounds of the first game. The buildings are also very difficult to destroy because of their complex structure. This is however balanced out by the new tools which can deal maximum damage. Here are the levels:

Gunslinger City: A city based on the Wild West. It has the simplest structures and are easily destroyed.

Toga Town: A city based on ancient Rome. This city has some tough structures but generally are still easily destroyed with the right placement of the tools.

Gearville: An industrial town. Here the structures become very complex. They are also tall so placement here is extremely important. And you’ll really have to purchase the tools here.

Fortune City: A city based on the ancient samurai of Japan. The structures aren’t that tough to blow up as long as you have the tools which you ‘ll probably have by now because it’s the next to the last level of the game.

Techno Berg: A city run by aliens. This is the last level of the game.

New Tools:

The game introduces new tools which are purchased in your toolbox from the money you make completing levels. The tools increase in damage potential and all should definitely be purchased.

demolition city 2

Here they are:

1 stick of dynamite: the basic first tool.

3 sticks of dynamite: the second tool you’ll have. 3 is still better than 1 but not by much.

5 sticks of dynamite: the maximum number of dynamite sticks. This has some good power but you’ll still need the other tools.

RDX: a steel cutting compound. This new tool would have easily cut through the black pipes in the last game. Here it makes blowing just about anything possible.

PCD-200: The game’s implosive compound. Set it anywhere and watch materials implode not explode/ Since the materials will implode it’s a good tool to use to minimize collateral damage. This is because in some levels if you blow up other objects aside from your assigned building you will earn less money. It’s not as heavy a penalty as the first game however as in some levels there just bumping the opposite building would cause you to repeat the level.

RMF-1000: An experimental explosive. The game labels it’s effects as “unknown” but as soon as you use it you will notice it vaporizes whole columns. It has the most destructive power among the tools. Because of this it’s a priority that you obtain it.

Age Appropriateness:

The whole graphical look of the game has improved very much. All the graphics are colorful and very cute. There is really no violence here even though you’re blowing up buildings. It’s a puzzle and physics game that can be played and enjoyed by kids of all ages.

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