Demolition City 3

Demolition City 3 is latest game in the Demolition City series. Here the series adds even more new elements that are sure to attract even more players. Destroy buildings in 2 more new cities in this latest installement.

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click to play demolition city 3

New Levels

In this game the original 5 cities return with two more new cities added for good measure. The cities of Ice City and Shopper’s Haven.

Gunslinger City: The city based on the Wild West returns. As always the structures are simple and easy to demolish. They are all made of wooden beams so it won’t be any problem. Just use simple dynamite here.

Toga Town: The Roman city reutns here in this game. As always, the structures are made of marble and easily demolished as well. But just a little harder than Gunslinger city.

Gearville: The industrial town returns.As usual the structures become very complex. This is the first town that you will need to really purchase upgrades to demolish. You will need a few new tools and the right placement to get the job done here.

Fortune City: The city based on the ancient samurai of Japan comes back with even more structures to destroy. Destroy Japanese themed houses, dragons, and golden pagodas.

Ice City: A city made up of structures made of ice. Igloos and tall icebergs abound in this city.

Shoppers Haven: A city full of grocery stores and old abandoned shopping malls. The structures are wider than they are taller.

demolition city 3

The Tools of the Trade:

The tools are as usual found in your toolbox and are purchased with money that you earn during missions. There is a set number of tools you can purchase to get the job done. The best idea here is to mix and match the tools depending o the job you’re going to take. The tools will also vary depending on how complex or strong the structure is that you’re taking down.


Here they are:

1 stick of dynamite: the basic first tool of demolishing any building. The basic tool and doesn’t really pack much of a punch

3 sticks of dynamite: the second tool for you to use. 3 is still better than 1 but not by much.

5 sticks of dynamite: The most number of dynamite you can carry. Once you have this there’s really no point to buying 1 or 3 sticks of dynamite.

RDX: the steel cutting compound makes a return here in the game. Use this to cut long beams of steel.

PCD-200: The game’s implosive explosive makes a comeback. This is best used right at the center of the structure as planting it will cause the materials to implode towards the center of the structure minimizing damage outside your demolition zone.

RMF-1000: As always the last explosive ie the best. This explosive literally disintegrates the structures it touches. It can do the most damage to the most beams and even does the least amount of collateral damage to other structures.

demolition city

Graphics and Presentation:

The game’s graphics have improved a lot since the last 2 games. The structures are now animated and in full 3D. They really look like abandoned buildings now so the graphical detail and improvement is very evident. The catchy sounds before levels also returns. The in-game music is very easy to listen to. There are no prominent sounds when you’re blasting a building however. Just a simple boom. There are no violent scenes here and no people being killed so there’s really no problem if kids play the game. It’s a game for everyone. Overall, it’s a great and fun game to play.

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